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The procedure to reclaim VAT is long and tedious and hence, we at BT Associates extend our expert services to simplify the entire process for our esteemed clients. BT Associates specializes in the management and recovery of foreign VAT. Our qualified and experienced personnel undertake all the formalities to file and reclaim your VAT. Starting from the registration at the tax offices to chasing the authorities to physically refund your VAT, we ensure that our clientele receive the most simplified and reliable VAT related solutions.

Typical VAT refundable expenses include lodging, transportation, inter-company bills, professional and marketing cost (including film and TV productions) as well as participation in tradeshows and conferences. We render VAT reclaim services for all EU member states and a number of Non-EU member countries as well.

Value Added Tax is a consumption tax added to most of the goods and services in various countries all over the globe. The national tax systems of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia allow most non-resident business entities, worldwide, to a refund of VAT. Businessmen, registered for VAT, can claim back VAT on goods they buy and services they avail, but only if those purchases relate to sales they make are liable for VAT.

VAT has different names in different countries like in Canada it is called GST and JCT in Japan. VAT registration is necessary to claim refund. VAT rates also vary from country to country, like in European nations the VAT rate is 6 - 25%, 7.11% in Canada, 5% in Japan and 10% in Australia. Similarly, the refund rules vary from country to country. Most North American business entities qualify for a refund. Some of the typical recoverable expenses are:

  • Hotel and Transportation
  • Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Logistics & Warranty Products
  • Drop-shipping
  • Movie & TV Production
  • Installation & Maintenance Contracts
  • Telecom & Network Services

Following are some of the examples of VAT Reclaim Schedule. Additional EU members have substantial reclaimable VAT on non-travel expenses:

  • Austria (MWST) - 20%
  • Finland (ALV )- 24%
  • France (TVA) - 19.6% or 7% or 5.5% or 2.1%
  • Germany (MWST) - 19% or 7%
  • Japan (JCT) - 5%
  • Netherlands (BTW) - 21%
  • Sweden (MOMS) - 6% or 12% or 25%
  • United Kingdom (VAT) - 20%
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