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The procedure of VAT refund is very complicated but we are trying to make it as easy as possible for our clients.

We have developed a systematic approach towards Claim’s preparation process & it consists of different stages that requires minimum input from you so you achieve your VAT refund.

Stages of Procedure :-

We recommend sending us your original invoices (copies are not accepted). Your original invoices will be returned to you after processing together with the payment. All invoices must be addressed to your company and show following details.
  • Date of issue of the invoice
  • Invoice identification number, a sequential number that uniquely identifies it.
  • description of services
  • Name and address of supplier or provider of service
  • VAT registration number of supplier
  • Customer’s VAT registration number where the customer is subject to reverse charge method.
  • V.A.T. rate applied
  • net amount
  • V.A.T. amount
  • total amount V.A.T. included
  • possibly a proof of total payment of the invoice (sometimes requested by the tax office)
  • Unit price of goods or service exclusive of VAT
  • Reference to national or Community legislation in the case of “Exemption” or “Reverse Charge”
After obtaining the necessary documents from you, we will be able to determine your company’s eligibility to reclaim VAT and advise you on the potential amount that you could reclaim.
We do professional scrutinizing of Invoices with selection and sorting of provided invoices receipts, extracting the invoices eligible for Vat refund;
Prepare the necessary documents (i) in accordance with the VAT refund law of the relevant country and (ii) in the primary language of such country if necessary and complete forms and send the application along with the Invoices to the relevant tax authorities.
Additionally, we arrange for invoices to be corrected if they do not comply with country invoice requirements.
We keep Provision of status reports for each submittal.
We will Communicate and follow-up on process with relevant bodies with respect to your applications throughout the VAT recovery process;
We always try to clarify any questions raised by the foreign tax officers in appropriate language;
We will help for analyzing claim notification for resubmission of disqualified documents or making the appeal
We also prepare resubmission claims or appeals as necessary for disqualified invoices/receipts;
We must keep track of claim filing deadlines and inform the clients about coming deadline for certain countries.
The Tax authority transfers the refunded VAT into our bank account as well as sends the original invoices to our office.
Your company receives the refund less our pre-agreed commission and all original invoices are safely returned to you within a matter of weeks.

Your application must be submitted no later than 6 months after the end of the year in which the VAT is charged. For example invoices dated in 2004 must be processed before June 2005.

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