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How the new EU VAT rules and MOSS will affect you

Seminar on the Impact of the Unified Statute on the Competitive Position of the Belgian Labour Market

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EU Plan to Slat VAT on Food
EU plans for a radical tax shake-up could cost struggling families and pensioners 800 a year...

Hungary's Collision Course With the EU
Since assuming power with an overwhelming parliamentary majority in May 2010, the Hungarian government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has adopted...

Interest on overpaid VAT unlikely to be reclaimable
The opinion of an Advocate General in the Court of Justice of the European Union makes it unlikely that much of the billions...

Irish PM optimistic about latest EU-IMF review
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said Monday he was confident of a positive outcome from the latest review of the country's...

Jersey raises stamp prices to combat VAT loophole closure
Jersey Post has gained permission to raise stamp prices later this year, as the Channel Islands prepare for the impact of the ...

Reforms in EU VAT - Lessons for the Indian GST
The previous two articles in this column had discussed the Communication on the future of VAT in the EU...

1st November 2010
EU safeguards Taxpayers’ right to VAT Refunds

2nd November 2010
New Deadlines for the 8th directive Claims

2nd November 2010
VAT Commission launches infringement proceedings against Poland and Portugal

4th November 2010
EU takes control of VAT Recovery

4th November 2010
Change to VAT rules to impact MICE Business

5th November 2010
Romania govt fights to defend IMF reforms

5th November 2010
Another Irish lesson fail

5th November 2010
EU Comm:Survey Shows EU Citizens Want Stronger Economic Rules

7th November 2010
Time to Put a Stake Through the Heart of Pork Bellies

8th November 2010
Hungary watchdog sees 2010 budget gap above target.

8th November 2010
Road bikes grow in popularity as upcoming VAT rise causes consumers to tighten there purse.

9th November 2010
E-Commerce: is Europe behind or just different?

10th November 2010
UK VAT Hike To Have 'Minimal' Impact On Retailers

13th November 2010
France exploring tax harmonisation with Germany

15th November 2010
Action must be taken as confidence in carbon trading is at ‘low ebb’

15th November 2010
Government petition response ignores VAT reduction

17th November 2010
The political annulment of the VAT growth decision would have blown away the IMF agreement and the state budget

17th November 2010
Crackdown on carbon credit scam

19th November 2010
The shape of Bulgarian things to come

19th November 2010
Athens must embrace austerity to satisfy Troika

20th November 2010
HMRC Backs Down In Insurance VAT Fight

20th November 2010
EU says no change in broadband bills

20th November 2010
Economic Growth Gets Back On Track

20th November 2010
End To reshuffle Scenario

22th November 2010
Greek traders fear 'A-bomb' effect from austerity tax hikes

24th November 2010
Net Neutrality is an important resource for e-Government

24th November 2010
Shortfall between government revenue, expenditure declines

24th November 2010
Vodafone to issue mass refunds after billing blunder

29th November 2010
ETOA calls for tax and visa changes to boost UK inbound tourism

30th November 2010
Pricing study claims online retailers offer better value than tax free


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